Sunday, December 9, 2007

Native Cultures Projects

I've tried for a couple weeks to get these onto the blog through a widget, but can't quite figure it out. So, I'll take up a post to embed the best through a slideshow. Didn't really want to do it this way, but at least it's done!


Tokarski said...

Hey, Mr Little, this is an "old guy" just saying that he has stumbled opon this blog that you were trying to make during my 7th grade year.... if you have not figured it out already this is Alex Tokarski :)

I must say this project looks cool and well though tout by the kids in the slide show. I think that these kids had put a lot of effort into this project.

Also, Mr Little why not try to make a video of the projects and just poat it on You Tube and copy the weblink? Just a suggestion.... anyway just saying that High School is great and I hope that the 7th graders are not that annoying.....

Also for anyone 7th graders reading this in HIGH SCHOOL history is not a easy class so pay attention!!!!!!!! You will need this skill in HIGH SCHOOL so just trust me.

Thanks, Alex Tokarski

soxgirl said...

hey everyone its Frances. yes, you heard me!these projects are SO cool. it must have taken a while. oh, and hi Mr. Little!!! see you soon!! - Frances